Culture Stars

Action Oriented

Ally O'NeillPeople and Culture Specialist

Ally has been an incredible asset to our team since joining in May 2021.


She is action oriented and makes everyone on the team “better tomorrow than they are today” - a key component to the Entuitive culture.


In the last 8 months since joining Ally has taken on leadership roles in our employee metrics, engagement survey and Inclusion survey. She has successfully launched our first ever job rotation program which required by-in from multiple stakeholders. Ally has arranged a global charity run in support our employee resource groups.


Despite all of Ally’s success at Entuitive, Ally has had to deal with a few challenges in her personal life. Ally planned to have her wedding in February to celebrate with family and friends that had to be postponed due to updated Ontario, Canada Covid restrictions. Sadly, this year was also hard for Ally as she lost her beloved dog Molly after 15 years and her maternal grandmother. And yet, Ally shows up with positivity and an openness to take on the next task.


Thank you Ally, we’re so glad you’re here :)