Culture Stars

Kind and Compassionate

Chandra, Cook

Here is a story that was shared with the hospital from a guest about my associate, Chandra:

It's been nearly 2 months since Chandra helped us and I think of her and her kindness daily.

In December my daughter, who's in a wheelchair, and I were headed to our van after an appointment. When we got to our van we saw that a vehicle was parked too close to the door, and there was no possible way I could open the door and get her in. I couldn't leave her alone in the parking garage to move the van so I started to walk back to the building to find security to assist with watching my daughter while I moved the van. Just then I saw a vehicle coming towards us. I asked the driver to send security to us if she saw them on the way out of the parking garage. The driver, Chandra, asked why I needed security. I explained and she offered to help. Chandra had a hospital logo on her shirt so I felt safe with her watching my daughter in the parking garage. Chandra parked her car and met me in an empty parking space. She stood with my daughter while I moved to an area of the garage with more room.

Chandra was leaving after work, and I am sure she was ready to get home. She was so kind and showed so much compassion. I am so thankful for her graciousness and willingness to give her time and her heart. I truly appreciate her thoughtfulness and compassion.