Culture Stars

Adding Tools for Success

Becca, Assistant, Volunteer Services


Prior to Becca joining our team we were going through a major transition, learning more about what our members needed from the Volunteer Services team when it comes to recruiting, retaining, and recognizing volunteers. We had so many great ideas to improve our service but our time was spread so thin and we couldn't organize our thoughts to know where to begin. During the hiring process we knew we needed someone who is organized that could help us implement the right processes and tracking tools for success.

Becca was hired for her track record in administrative support and experience working with large volumes of volunteers. Since starting with us she proved effective in getting our team organized and our systems in place, from simple things like building meeting agendas and action item lists through to putting project management tools in place for our big projects or even the development of tracking tools for our day to day activities. Through these means Becca helped us improve our communications with volunteers and reach our goals faster and more effectively.

We'd like to thank Becca for everything she shared with us including updating our orientation tools, designing our awards certificates, catching up our volunteer acknowledgement attestations, developing an engagement survey, and offering a positive outlook to the team!