Culture Stars

Devising an Action Plan

Jessica, Assistant Manager

Jessica took on new responsibilities in 2021, leading a team of specialist providing various support to operation teams.  One of the responsibilities of this team is to work with staff to improve any quality gap by providing training and coaching.

 While organizing the effort around this responsibility, it became evident that we had challenges to take quality audit data and turn it into effective improvement plan where needed.  Our quality reports were misleading because it did not properly assess the impact to our business and to the clients.  It was also diluting the amount of information on quality preventing to isolate true key issues.

There was a significant amount of work and project accomplished this year to improve our quality measurement methodology and reporting.  Even more work was done to evaluate root cause of the most frequent errors and come up with solid recommendation to improve our process and improve quality.

I would like to nominate Jessica for her impressive contribution to improve our client experience and employee performance by leading key projects to success.