Culture Stars

Leading the Great Migration

Felipe, Lead Web Developer at Guusto

At Guusto, we are lucky to have a great tech lead who runs our development team. His infectious smile and positive attitude are remarkable. Even though we are all remote, he always makes himself available to answer questions, help anyone in the company with an issue, speak to customers or make time for his team. I have yet to meet a tech lead so invested in his team’s growth and development and their well-being.

Without Felipe leading our team through our platform rebuild or what has become known internally as “The Great Migration,” we would still be running on a legacy application while trying to build out a second platform. Felipe came in, took over a project and drove it to the finish line while supporting his team, our clients, and the overall team of Guustonians. Our success with the new Guusto is due to him and his team continually pushing out excellent code and features while maintaining our old platform. His ability to work with product, design and sales is remarkable to see, and he always does it with a smile on his face.


I would like to nominate Felipe, our Tech Lead at Guusto, for his amazing contribution and leadership at Guusto